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Morpheel is the third boss of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess video game, and is found in the Lakebed Temple. Upon entering Morpheel's water-filled chamber, Link put on his Zora Armor and Iron Boots to sink to the chamber bottom, where only the eel's mouth and tentacles were seen sticking out of the sand with a single eyeball constantly changing position within its tentacles. This gave it a somewhat sea-anemone-like appearance. Link used his Clawshot to rip the eyeball out of the gelatinous appendages and strike it, while Morpheel tried to grab Link with its tentacles and eat him, though it would spit him out after a chewing on him a few times. It is possible to prevent this by slashing Morpheel's tentacles when they come too close. It would also expel a school of bomb-fish from its jaws---thus giving Link a slew of decoy targets for his Clawshot.

After repeating the same form of attack a few more times, Morpheel erupted from the sandy chamber bottom, revealing its eel-like body, and began swimming around the room, again chewing on Link if he happened to come within sufficient reach of its jaws. This is the only way it can damage Link. Link then used the Clawshot to grapple onto its eye, now on the top of its "head", and stabbed it repeatedly. After a number of blows its eyeball was destroyed, and with no eyesight, Morpheel smashed into the chamber's wall, drained the room of water, and died. Its body subsequently exploded and released the third Fused Shadow.


  • Morpheel is the only boss in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess who bleeds when hit by Link.
  • Morpheel's name is based off of "Morpha", the water temple boss in Ocarina of Time
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