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Morpha is a humongous amoeba and the boss of the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time. Created by Ganondorf once he acquired the Triforce of Power, it has complete control over the water in the room in which it resides, moving swiftly through it and creating long pseudopod-like "tentacles". This monster is responsible for the receded state of Lake Hylia as well as the frozen condition of Zora's Domain.

Morpha itself, refers not to the transparent muscle-like tentacle as its Ocarina of Time official artwork suggests, but the vulnerable red nucleus, often safeguarded under the muck of the thick liquid. This nucleus can manipulate the water in any way it likes, creating one (and eventually two) large water tentacles as the battle goes on.

To defeat it, Link has to pull out its nucleus with the Longshot and attack it with the Master Sword. After enough strikes Link must dodge even more tentacles that could catch him off-guard. If Link still manages to pull through and slash at it a few more times, Morpha will liquify.

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