Mori Soiken is one of the main antagonists in Makai Tensho [also known as Samurai Resurrection, Samurai Reincarnation, Ninja Resurrection, Reborn from Hell, and many other nicknames].
Manga Mori Soiken

Mori Soiken as he appears in Ken Ishikawa's manga version of Makai Tensho


Mori Soiken was a real life historical figure, and amakusa shiro's mentor/strategist. In Makai Tensho, Mori Soiken is a sadistic, manipulative and cruel satanist who resurrects shiro, mataemon araki and several other samurai warriors into demons in order to bring earth to Armageddon. His worst deeds include lying, slander, and murdering children. for example when shiro asks jubei to protect the people during the war, mori slaughters two children, brings out their decapitated heads, shows them to shiro, and lies to him by telling him that jubei did it, even though jubei was in fact not responsible for their deaths. Mori also has a daughter called Ocho, however Mori does not care about her, since he sacrifices her for shiro's resurrection.


In Ken Ishikawa's manga version of Makai Tensho, Mori Soiken bears a strong resemblance to Dr. Hell from Mazinger Z. He also bares a strong resemblance to The Halloween Wizard from Regular Show.