Morghur the Master of Skulls is the essence of corruption and mutation given physical form and a villain from the Warhammer tabletop war game.

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<p class="MsoNormal">Morghur was said to have walked the earth even before the other Beastmen. But whatever his origins are, he came to be treated with god-like reverence by his race as an incarnation of chaos and the bane of order. Morghur was even said to be unable to be permanently killed and that when his physical body was struck down, his spirit would simply be reborn elsewhere. Many beastmen were drawn to Morghur and his cave lair in the Forest of Arden from even the greatest of distances by a drive they could not and did not try to explain. However few would survive this meeting and even fewer were left with unscathed minds, free of nightmarish visions and bodies not twisted and mutated. Those strong-willed few returned to their warherds, commanding respect and reverence and rising to become chieftains. However legends of Morghur and the corruption and darkness he brought with him stretched even beyond the Beastmen, which lent itself to the idea that he was indeed immortal. Amongst the Elves, Morghur was known as Cyanathair the Corrupter, the Dwarves called him the Gor-Dum, and in the Empire, he was said to have been responsible for the corruption of the land of Drakwald. But only one seemed to possess a true understanding of Morghur, the Wood Elf Queen, Ariel. She saw that his vast, dark essence was greater than any physical body could contain. The Wood Elves have engaged in a long war with the beastmen out of Ariel’s desire to find a way of permanently destroying Morghur. Despite her efforts, more and more beastmen have joined the Master of Skulls as he heeds the hatred flowing from his black heart and his constant desire to tear down all of civilization and order.

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<p class="MsoNormal">Morgur is a powerful being of pure chaos, mutation, and corruption to the point that his body is constantly changing and his very presence twists the world around him. Grass grows in strange patterns, water flows backwards, and animals mutate into bizarre and frightening forms. In battle, Morghur can cause projectiles and spells and enemy soldiers to transform into bizarre, harmless forms and randomly turn his own soldiers into horrifying and fearsome chaos spawns. Aside from this, Morghur is also a fearsome warrior, wielding a bray staff in battle.

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  • Morghur’s title, the Master of Skulls, comes from the shrieking, gibbering skulls he winds into his hair.