Morgan Le Fay

Morgan Le Fay

You dare attempt to thwart the will of... ...Morgan Le Fay?!
~ Morgan Le Fay

Morgan Le Fay is the evil half-sister of King Arthur and a powerful sorceress. She is a villainess in the Ghostbusters IDW comicbook series.


Morgan Le Fay was banished into a pocket dimension by the legendary Merlin, and plotted her freedom. A group of Flame Dragon Ghosts kidnapped the citizens of Camelot and imprisoned them within the Castle of the Damned. There, they were forced to work on the Munchausen's Wheel. Once the enslaved people provided her enough energy, she broke free and returned to the physical plane. She then planned on raising a legion of undead warriors, conquer Europe, and reign for all time. She was destroyed by the time-displaced Ghostbusters when Peter Venkman flirted with her and set his Proton Pack to overload.

When Janine Melnitz was displaced in Versailles, 1780 A.D., Leonardo da Vinci mentioned Le Fay when comparing a Level Six Slime Entity to other ghosts the Ghostbusters Versailles branch captured, inferring that they captured her ghost.

Powers and Abilities

Morgan Le Fay is a master of the dark arts of sorcery. She demonstrated the power of flight and telekinesis when facing Peter, Ray Stantz, Rachel Unglighter, and King Arthur. Le Fay also implied she could control the dead and bend them to her will.



  • Her name comes from the sorceress Morgan le Fay of Arthurian legend.


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