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My dear Pearl... You've done so well, my child. My Pearl... It's better that you don't know... I knew this day would come for you... The blood of the main family is no more... Now you... You are to take the place at the head of the Fey clan... My last, great wish... It seems I was just in time...
~ Morgan Fey

Morgan Fey is a recurring antagonist in the video game series Ace Attorney. She is a spiritual medium and the head of a Fey clan branch family, who wants her daughter Pearl Fey to become the next Master of Kurain.

In the second case of Ace Attorney: Justice for All she supports Mimi Miney in a murder to frame Maya Fey, so that her daughter would become the new ruler. She is imprisoned in the end.

Supported by Dahlia Hawthorne, she hatches a revenge plot to kill Maya Fey in the last case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. Despite not appearing on screen outside of brief flashbacks, as she is still imprisoned, she has much influence on the plot, but her plans are still foiled by Phoenix Wright, who reveals Dahlia to be the culprit.



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