Morgan Edge Smallville 001
Lionel thought of everything. First the dope, then getting the window fixed, then setting up the sweatshop. All little details to push you over the edge.
~ Edge, to Lex, revealing Lionel's scheme to make Lex look insane, "Shattered"

The version of Morgan Edge that appeared on the WB/CW television series Smallville was a major crime lord in Metropolis and an old friend of Lionel Luthor.

He is played by Rutger Hauer in his first two appearances, and by Patrick Bergin in his final appearance.


Edge met Lionel in Suicide Slums, and the two of them became close friends. They decided that he and Lionel should kill Lachlan and Eliza, Lionel's parents, in order to claim the insurance money on them and the property, so Edge planted a bomb in the Luthors' apartment and killed them; Lionel made sure he had an alibi so that he wasn't connected to the murder. Edge and Lionel then split the money and started their careers: Lionel started LuthorCorp while Edge became a crime boss.

In "Exile," after Clark Kent, as Kal, interrupts a bank robbery by Edge's goons and steals the money from the heist, Edge later approaches Kal in his apartment and offers him a job. Kal turns him down, but after Lana Lang finds him and informs his parents, he decides he can use the money to disappear, so he meets with Edge at Club Atlantis to accept his offer. Edge asks him to break into Lionel's office at LuthorCorp and steal a package from a titanium-reinforced safe.

In "Phoenix," Edge meets with Lionel in his office, and the two old friends share a drink. They talk about the stolen package, and Lionel demands that Edge return it to him in twenty-four hours or he'll have Edge arrested. Edge then tracks Kal, now back to normal as Clark, to Smallville, where Clark finds him waiting inside his limo on the Kent Farm. He demands the package, and when Clark tells him he doesn't have it, he prepares to call the police on Clark who, in a fit of anger, rips the limo door off, hauls Edge out, and slams him against the limo, telling him that the package is gone before ordering him to leave Smallville and never return.

Edge seemingly complies, but Clark later finds him in the barn, where Edge's henchmen are holding his parents Jonathan and Martha hostage. Clark then uses a piece of Green Kryptonite to cut his arm and pour some of his blood into a jar to give to Edge. Edge then asks what he's supposed to do with Clark's blood, and Clark tells him it's the package that Lionel wants (the package that Clark stole earlier turned out to be a vial of Clark's Kryptonian blood).

Edge takes the blood and meets with Lionel at the Metropolis docks, where Lionel confirms that the sample is the genuine article. He then tells Lionel that he can provide him with the blood's source, drawing Lionel's interest since he doesn't know the source. Edge's thugs bring a weakened Clark to Metropolis in the back of a truck for the hand-off, but Clark uses his heat vision to create an explosion, which destroys the truck. An enraged Lionel accuses Edge of setting him up to be killed, and Edge protests that isn't the case. A shoot-out occurs, and Edge is shot and falls into the river. He is presumed dead.

In "Shattered," it turns that Edge is still alive, and he has plastic surgery to alter his appearance so he can hide from Lionel. He also carries a string of Kryptonite beads in case he ever runs into Clark again. Lionel's son, Lex, tracks Edge down and offers to help the crime lord start a new life if he confesses his role in the murder of Lex's grandparents. Edge confesses on tape. However, it later turns out that he conspired with Lionel to break Lex's fragile psyche and discredit his testimony.

Lex tracks Edge down and shoots him, but he escapes and tries to run Lex down with his car. Lex then shoots Edge several more times, but Clark super-speeds in front of Edge's car and blocks it from hitting Lex, revealing his powers to Lex, who's then found by Dr. Claire Foster and her men, who take Lex away to Belle Reve Sanitarium.


You came to my club flashing money, and then you interrupt my guys at the bank. I take it that was not a coincidence.
~ Edge, to Kal, "Exile"
You've made quite a reputation for yourself. I set up this test so I could see with my own eyes if you were man or myth. And clearly, you're both.
~ To Kal, "Exile"
No matter how many bullets bounce off you, Kal, you're still a kid and I'm the biggest crime boss of Metropolis.
~ To Kal, "Exile"
I've got this one job. It'll make you Midas rich. So when you are tired of playing in the little league, you know where to find me.
~ Giving Kal his proposition, "Exile"
I need you to break into a secure building. The office on the sixtieth floor has a very valuable package. It's in a titanium-reinforced steel safe. Not a job for mere mortals.
~ To Kal, "Exile"
Nothing ever changes, Lionel. Not even when you dress it up in a designer suit or a penthouse office.
~ To Lionel, "Phoenix"
Like looking at a stranger.
~ After having plastic surgery, "Shattered"
You on something, Lex? Because, frankly, you sound delusional.
~ To Lex, after Lex tells him he knows he and Lionel schemed to kill Lionel's parents, "Shattered"
I blow the building. Lionel gets rid of his bastard father and his gin-soaked mother. The slumlord splits the insurance payment with us. Lionel uses his cut for his first start-up. And the rest is history.
~ Edge's confession, "Shattered"
Your father's the one who screwed up. If we'd done it my way, you'd be dead by now. [...] You think you could've escaped if I wanted to kill you? It was your father's idea to make you look crazy instead. [...] It's true, Lex. Lionel's gone soft in his old age. He was willing to lose his parents, but he couldn't bear to lose another child.
~ Edge revealing his part in Lionel's plan to Lex, "Shattered"
You think I'd be in digs like this if I hadn't cut a deal with your old man? You gotta admit, it was an elegant plan. Just like when he was a kid. Either you crack so completely that you can't form a coherent sentence or anything you say sounds like the ravings of a madman. But he doesn't have to win, Lex. We can bring him down...together.
~ To Lex, "Shattered"
Hi, Kal. I had a feeling we'd see each other again. That's why I've been carrying these around.
~ To Clark, before beating him with Kryptonite rosary beads, "Shattered"