Morgan is a supervillain from Marvel Comics.


The majority of Morgan's past is unknown. He established himself as one of Harlem's leading crimelords, dealing in drugs, racketeering, extortion, and the like.

Morgan was employed by Mr. Hyde to order a batch of illicit chemicals. The Falcon stopped the transport, tracked the source back to Morgan, and dragged the information out of him, despite the efforts of Morgan's men.

Morgan accepted money from apparently unknown parties to leave Tyler's warehouse unlocked. The money turned out to be from the Captain America of the 1950s, who used it as a site to try to beat information out of the Falcon. After the Falcon got free, he tracked the location back to Morgan, but let him go (threatening to squash him like a bug if they ever met head on) after learning Morgan had no idea to whom he had rented the warehouse.

The Falcon again met up with Morgan, questioning him as to why crime had seemingly stopped in the city. Morgan tried, and failed, to recruit the Falcon to his side. The Falcon took off after Morgan got a got reporting the death of Captain America. (Surprisingly enough, Captain America did not, in fact, die).

The Falcon attempted to force Morgan to reveal the location of the Viper (Jordan Dixon/Strike) and the identity of the Cowled Commander. However, Morgan refused to talk, even at the threat of violence, because he knew he would be killed if he revealed info about them.

Morgan summoned the Falcon and again, this time offering him super-powers if he would come work for him. The Falcon refused, and Morgan told him he would have him killed if he refused again.

Cornell Cottonmouth tested Luke Cage by sending him to steal a heroin shipment from Morgan. Morgan and his men caught Cage in the act and attacked him. Cage defeated his men and then forced Morgan to allow him escape from the building.

Morgan allies himself with Lucifer/Aries/Rafe Michel - hybrid/duo/trio, giving him escape from the police, in exchange for requesting he kill the Falcon. Lucifer/Aries agreed, but had lost most of their powers and so had a difficult time accomplishing the task. Morgan became increasingly frustrated with them as they failed repeatedly.

The Falcon tracked down Morgan and taunted him with his failed assassination attempt.

Morgan sent the Gamecock to kill the Falcon. Failing to locate the Falcon, the Gamecock encountered and was defeated by Captain America, then using the identity of Nomad. Nomad then confronted Morgan who admitted to sending the Gamecock, but had no information regarding the missing Falcon.

With the Kingpin and Hammerhead temporarily out of the picture, Morgan sought to expand his power base. One of his agents unwittingly tried to extort money from the Vulture, and received the expected punishment. Morgan tried to recruit the Vulture to his side, and was quickly dismissed. The Vulture called him a joke and hung him from a lamppost. Eager for revenge, Morgan hired the Hitman to take out the Vulture. The Hitman and the Vulture both ran afoul of Spider-Man, who broke up their struggle. The Vulture was captured, but the Hitman got away.

Spider-Man learned that it was Morgan who had hired the Hitman, and he warned him against crossing him in the future (giving him a Spider-powered chair spin in the process).

Morgan's operations were cut into by the plot of Nightshade, using her robot gang, which was seemingly led by R. U. Rossum. Morgan suspected that Rand-Meachum was somehow involved, and so he and his men confronted Iron Fist and tried to force information from him. Iron Fist took out his men, told Morgan he was barking up the wrong tree, and sent him on his way. Joy Meachum offered Morgan ten million dollars to kill Iron Fist, but he knew he had no chance, so he laid down his gun and walked away.

Doctor Faustus' plot involving the National Force stirred up a lot of racial tension in New York City. This drew the attention of Morgan, who sought to fight back against the National Force and its apparent leader, the Grand Director (who was actually his previous ally, the Captain America of the 1950s). Captain America knew that the Force wished to continue to inflame the situation, and tried to prevent Morgan from igniting a citywide race war. Morgan refused to listen, and sent a small army of men to take out the National Force, and Captain America if he got in their way. Captain America got between the two factions and kept their attention on attacking him until the National GUARD could arrive and drive both groups off.

The Hole in the Wall gang kidnapped Franklin Richards and held him hostage, coercing Sue Richards (then the Invisible Girl) into doing their will. They had her steal a large amount of cash from Morgan's gang. As she continued to follow their orders, Morgan and his men tracked both she and the Hole in the Wall gang, and caught her in the crossfire against the rival gang. She was assisted by Spider-Man, but he was caught in the crossfire as well, and only her shield was protecting them all. Captain Jean DeWolff led a tactical NYPD squad to the scene of the struggle, broke it up, and arrested both gangs, including Morgan himself.

False information detailing the assassination of the Kingpin spread across the New York crime world. Trust employed Nolo Contendre to take out severl mob leaders. He sabotaged Morgan's elevator and the mobster seemingly died - it was later revealed that Morgan survived the fall, although he was apparently left a paraplegic.

Now utilizing a fancy hoverchair, Morgan (alongside Cottonmouth, Cockroach Hamilton, and Stiletto) was one of the agents used by Nightshade and Erik Killmonger, and sent after the Black Panther. The Panther was joined/assisted by the Falcon, Power Man and Iron Fist, and eventually Black Goliath. Morgan and his allies ended up with the short end of the stick in the "Stupid Villain Bop."

Morgan was imprisoned at Ryker's Island and became one of the leader's among the prisoners.

Carlos LaMuerto approached Daredevil and told him that he had to choose a side. He remarked that Matt wasn't hanging around with Owl, Hammerhead or Morgan.

Morgan bribed a guard to be able to visit Matt Murdock in his cell.

On crutches Morgan and two of his men visited Matt in his cell, but Matt didn't even greet him. Morgan offered him help to find out who was responsible for Foggy's death (Foggy wasn't really dead, but nobody knew this at this point), but Murdock didn't take the offer. Morgan began to threaten him, but eventually left with his men when he realized how angry Murdock currently was. Upon passing Fisk's cell Morgan told Fisk that everyone was waiting for Fisk to return to the general population in prison.

Morgan met with Hammerhead and LaMuerto to discuss the planned riot at Ryker's Island that would leave Kingpin and Murdock both dead.

Morgan, LaMuerto and Hammerhead watched the riot from an upper deck. They were waiting for their armed men, but they didn't came because Murdock had stopped them. Suddenly Bullseye attacked them and seemingly killed Morgan with a card, which cut open his throat.