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Morey in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World´s End

Morey was a crewmember serving aboard the Flying Dutchman under the command of Davy Jones. He is a minor antagonist on Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's end.


Over time, Morey had assimilated various aquatic flora and fauna into his body. The most prominent of these transformations was that his head had turned into that of a moray eel. He fought against the crew of the Empress, engulfing on of the pirates´ heads with his powerful jaws, and rocking it from side to side. The gaping hole that was once Morey´s neck, seems to be a likeness to the ruffs during the 1500´s. He was also Davy Jones elite crewman. Morey was known to sailors as the most ruthless crewmember, never leaving any survivors.

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