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Morbent Fel

Morbent Fel as a Lich.

Morbent Fel is a minor villain in World of Warcraft. He was formerly a human necromancer, and is now currently a lich. He is the ruler of Duskwood's undead. He is guarded by his undead minions as well as a magical barrier that dampens attacks on his person.

Previously he was located in a house called Forlorn Rowe. Now, he is currently located within the Dawning Woods Catacombs where he performs experiments on the undead. He is an elite mob, but in order to defeat him, he must be weakened by using Morbent's Bane on him, which removes his elite tag and makes him much easier to defeat.

Fel does not seem affiliated with the Lich King. His consorting with the Black Riders shows that he is not directly allied to the Scourge, unless the Black Riders are somehow affiliated with it.

Morbent Fel 2

Morbent Fel before he became a lich.

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