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Morag was a Klingon antagonist in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Aquiel.


Commander Morag was a Commander of a Klingon ship that patrolled the border near the outpost of Starfleet's Relay Station 47. One of his favorite passtimes was to bully the two Starfleet officers - Lt. Keith Rocha and Lt. Aquiel Uhnari - crewing the station, at one point even going so far as to have his ship lock their disruptors on the station.

The next time he came back after earlier locking his weapons on the station he found it deserted and not answering his hails. He went aboard and confirmed there was no one on board before stealing some encrypted Federation messages.

A party from the Enterprise-D came aboard to investigate the disappearance of the station's crew. They found Klingon DNA on the station. While reviewing the logs of Lt. Aquiel Uhnari Commander LaForge found her entry concerning Morag and his ongoing harassment of the station. The Enterprise contacted Morag's superior Governor Torak, who order Morag to come and explain himself. After Torak threatend to take his ship Morag admitted boarding the station and stealing messages but denied murdering the crew, which was proven to be at least partially true when the Klingons brought the still living Lt. Uhnari into the briefing.

When it was found that a shapeshifting coalescent organism had been on the station Torak handed Morag over on the possibility he was the coalescent organism. LaForge soon found out that Uhnari's dog Maura was the coalescent organism when the creature abandoned the dog form and tried to absorb LaForge. Following LaForge's destruction of the organism it was determined that Lt. Rocha had been killed some time ago and the organism had assumed Rocha's shape, all before he transferred to the station.


  • Morag was played by the late Reg E. Cathey.