Morag Picture

Morag is an evil witch from the DS videogame Dragon Quest IX, she was the one to bring destruction upon Brigadoom and cursed the Right Knight so that he would live forever as a zombie and she could keep him as her lover forever. From that moment on, she calls him the Wight Knight due to her lisp, which is how his cursed corpse known as in Stornway.

Her spell over the Wight Knight is broken at the beginning of the game, due to the dark shockwave that strikes the world. Wight Knight, free from her spell but not realizing he is dead, goes to Stornway to reclaim his princess, believing Princess Simona of Stornway is Princess Mona of Brigadoom. Upon being confronted by the hero, he realizes he is dead, so the hero helps him find his lair. After visiting Zere, the Hero learns the fate of Brigadoom, telling it to the Wigth Knight, who goes ahead to the ruined kingdom. Once the hero enters the place, he finds Wight Knight confronting Morag, who paralyzes him. Unable to paralyze the hero, she is forced to confront him, but ends defeated. She has a dangerous enticing attack that may leave her opponents confused.