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Playtime's over, Cindy. What terrible thing should we do today, Emperor?
~ Mora to Gruum

Don't let this ten year old's innocent look fool you. Mora is pure evil and can create real monsters with just her imagination. She has teamed up with Emperor Gruumm to take over the Earth.

Mora was the one in charge to draw and send the monsters to attack the Rangers in Power Rangers SPD. She is the tertiary antagonist in Power Rangers S.P.D..


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Mora first appears as a 10-year-old girl who is pure evil. She is a pictomancer, being able to create monsters from magic paper drawings. Besides serving  Emperor Gruumm, Mora enjoys playing with dolls. She has multiple contacts in the criminal underworld.

As Mora, she is very spoiled and got on Gruumm's nerves. She took advantage of a lonely, young boy called Sam by promising to be his friend if he would use his powers of teleportation to help her monster, Bugglesworth. Sam finally realized the evil acts that Bugglesworth was committing and helped Z Delgado, the Yellow SPD Ranger, foil Mora's plan to turn people into dolls. After countless defeats, Empeor Gruumm punished Mora by transforming her back into her adult form, Morgana.

After Morgana succeeded in retreving a powerful plasma from a laboratory, Gruumm granted her wish and turned her back into Mora. However Omni, the true leader of the Troobian Empire, soon forced Mora to pledge allegiance to him under his mind control. As a result of this, Mora's personality underwent a dramatic change.

Near the end of the series, Chief Anubis Doggie Cruger, the SPD Shadow Ranger, confronted Mora on Gruumm's ship. She threw as many monsters as she could of drawn at him, but he destroyed them all. Eventually, she ran out of paper to draw monsters on and Cruger captured her.

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