The Moon Presence is the true final boss of Bloodborne, the master of Gehrman and the Great One that bound him to the Hunter's Dream.


The Moon Presence is an eldritch being composed of human flesh and bone, with the exception of its head. Its face is featureless with the exception of gaping maws, and in place of hair it has a large mass of black and red tentacles.


Before being encountered by the Hunter, the Moon Presence had bound Gehrman, the First Hunter to the Hunter's Dream, an outlet seemingly used by the Moon Presence to further its own desires, mainly involving the killing of the other Great Ones. Whether or not this has to do with halting the Scourge of the Beast and the slaughter of other Great Ones is unknown. However, a note found in the upper floor of the Lecture Hall lends legitimacy to the idea that the Moon Presence is actively seeking out and trying to eliminate other Great Ones for an unknown purpose.

Unlike most Great Ones, it does not have any blatantly malicious intent, and even implied to be benevolent for the hunters. The Umbilical Cord in the workshop implied that Gehrman invited the Moon Presence on the first place due to not being able to cope with the loss of Lady Maria, who was the origin of the Plain Doll.

Powers and Abilities

As a Great One, the Moon Presence is a supernatural being with incredible strength and stamina. It has the power of flight, as it appeared in the Hunter's Dream, floating in majestically. It is able to bind hunters to the Hunter's Dream as he did with Gehrman, and would do the same with the Hunter (the player). The Moon Presence also possesses strong psychic powers, as it can reduce the players health to 1 instantly, but needs to recharge after.

While powerful, the Moon Presence does have its limits. Like all other corporeal Great Ones, the Moon Presence is immortal but not invincible, as a Hunter with the right skills and weapons could kill it with brute force. It is unable to bind the Hunter to the Hunter's Dream if the Hunter has consumed three One Third of Umbilical Cords.

Should the Moon Presence be killed, the being that killed it will itself will be reborn as a Great One.


  • The Moon Presence's design is clearly based on Nyarlathotep, a prolific entity from the Cthulhu Mythos.
  • Whether or not the Moon Presence has anything to do with the Holy Moonlight Greatsword wielded by Ludwig is unclear.