Impending doom approaches...
~ The Moon Lord's famous catchphrase.

The Moon Lord is the final boss and possible main antagonist in the sandbox videogame "Terraria". RE-LOGIC revealed that the Moon Lord is Cthulhu's brother.


Moon Lord has the look of Cthulhu except blue with white eyes, white tentacles and has his lower half missing. Once the Moon Lords heart is ripped opened he is revealed to have a heart by the light/baby blue color. He has eyes in his hands as well as an eye in his forehead. His brain also appears sticking out and shown to be shown as a blue/green type of color

Role in game

The player will encounter a paranoid cult in the dungeon that used to be owned by Skeletron. The cult may have worshiped Moon Lord, as they were worshiping a tablet that had a face similar to the Moon Lords. If you kill all the cultists, The Lunatic Cultist will warp beside the tablet and absorb it's energy. You then fight until you kill him. Killing him starts the "Celestial Events" where four pillars (Nebula, Solar, Stardust, and Vortex) are spread out across the world, summoning monsters. If you destroy one, a message will appear. First pillar: Your mind goes numb...

Second Pillar: You are overwhelmed with pain...

Third Pillar: Otherworldly voices linger around you...

Fourth Pillar: Impending doom approaches...

After you defeat the last pillar, the screen will vibrate and the music will fade out. After one minute, the moon lord awakes and tries to destroy the player. If you kill all of his 3 main eyes, his chest will open up revealing a light blue heart. After the player defeats the core, he will explode into a skeleton and give you your oh-so wonderful meowmeres or lunar flares.

The Old Final Boss

Cthulhu lord

The old Cthulhu boss.

The workers at RE-LOGIC posted a teaser image of the "final boss" Cthulhu. This idea was scrapped for a unknown reason, but Cthulhu inspired the moon lord, so it wasn't completely given up on.