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Moon Il-seok is one of two villains in Korean series Two Weeks along with Jo Seo-hee who framed Jang Tae-san for murder and thearted to kill Tae-san's lover In-hye. Moon was an businessman and boss to Tae-san who is ex gangster who running pawshop found out he had a daughter who was dying from leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. Tae-san happily agrees to the undergo the surgery to saved his daughter's life and Il-seok track down Tae-san's lover Oh Mi-sook and kills her who undercover for lawyer Park Jae-kyung and framed Tae-san as murderer and furgtive. Moon hired his son to kill Tae-san. Jae-kyung who believes Moon's story that Tae-san is murerer had discovered Jang was innocent and Tae-san is forced to kill Jae-kyung under Moon's orders Tae-san took reveage on Moon by beating him for his misery

Moon was sent to jail for his crimes