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Mookie is a rather unlikable protagonist in the 1989 hit movie Do the Right Thing.

He is portrayed by none other than the movie's director himself, Spike Lee.

But what makes him a villain is not his unlikable attitude (though in many ways, the reasons for his unlikability may just very well make him one). It is his unpleasant presence and arrogance that makes him one. All he does is complain about the way Sal treats him (even though Sal treats him like royalty—like his son). In a fit of anger, because Sal wants to ask his sis out, Mookie tells him off. It's not even like racists who at least have a reason (albeit a lousy one). This is just a potential thug in the mix (he acts like one when he throws the can at the store).

While not as bad as Buggin' Out or Radio Raheem, his unpleasant presence in the pizzeria and his lazy attitude earn him that status. He even outright disrespects Sal in the end in a very nasty verbal showdown between the two, following the riot.

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