The Monterey Monster is an antagonist in Lost Tapes.


Around Monterey Bay in California, some sailors, rescuerers and explorers have disappeared. What is not clear is if the disappearences are the work of nature of the work of a single, unknown predator.

In 1977, the Japanese fisher boat, Zuiyo Maru, found the carcass of what, they claimed, was a plesiosaur, and tests on the corpse had been inconclusive.

In 2007 a fisherman failed to return from a day's fishing in the Bay. His boat was later found adrift at sea with no one on board.

The local legend says that there is indeed a Monster in the waters, waiting for human flesh.


In the episode, Sharon Novak, a reporter for a magazine, is completing a tour of the world's oceans and is online twenty/four seven, keeping up to date with events at home.

She has a contact with her boyfriend Charles and the Coast Guard and other emergency contacts.

Sharon is heading into Monterey Bay, and is over the Monterey Canyon, the deepest part of California. She is almost at the end of her voyage, when suddenly she hears desperate screams and calls from a ship in the Bay. It is being attacked by some creature. The calls then abruptly end, and she decides to investigate. The ship is soon found, covered in human blood. Sharon gets cowardly and calls Coast Guard but no one responds. Then she talks to Charles who tells her to get home and if she can't get help he will call the Coast Guard himself. Soon, her boat hits an unidentified object.

Sharon goes into the water and swims to the propellers, retrieving some sort of meat - it is unclear if it is whale or mammal, but she takes it onboard.

Later, the boat's cameras capture a very long necked animal swimming close to her boat. It hits her, and knocks her over. But she maintains contact with the Coast Guard and tries to get moving, but her engine is stalled. Just when she is getting the sail open, the creature strikes again, knocking her overboard into the ocean, untethered.

A strong current pulls her out to sea, leaving her to sink. Just before she does, she is pulled underwater by a very large, long-necked plesiosaur-like creature, and devoured.