Monte Bristow is one of the villains featured in the TV show, The Avengers from BBC. As Daniel Edmund, he was sent to jail for being on the black market. With his manservant, Bristow began a vengeful rampage on those responsible for his court martial. For his first victim, Cooty Gibson is forced to play a racing game and accidentally crashes. He left puzzle pieces in Gibson's glasses for the heroic duo John Steed and Tara King. In his next killing, he gave Clyde Dexter 4 minutes to win at a live version of Snakes and Ladders. Dexter makes to a reward and is fooled and poisoned by an animatronic snake. When Averman a former ally of Steed's refused to dine with Bristow, the manservant kidnaps him from his phone business. Bristow then exhausts Averman to death in a game of Stock Market. His next victim to follow was Bgdr. Wishforth-Browne. Although Wishforth-Browne wins at Battle Stations, Bristow cheats the brigadier about artillery and activates a toy cannon that kills Wishforth-Browne. Prof. Witney came next. After being sent to a studio to play Word Make, Witney tries to make a word but is crushed to death. When the place where bristow lives is figured out, Tara is kidnapped. Steed heads to rescue his hapless partner and is forced to play Super Secret Agent. After obstacles such as a sumo fighter, an explosive in a safe, and 6 hired thugs are surpassed, Tara is saved from her hourglass prison. Determined, Bristow takes his "master card" which is sharp and tries to cut Steed. Steed deflects the card and kills Bristow easily.