It's not over yet!
~ Monster Ock
~ Monster Ock

Monster Ock (sometimes spelled Monster-Ock) is the final boss in the 2000 video game; Spider-Man: The Video Game. He is the combined form of Doctor Octopus and Carnage's Symbiote Suit combining into one character.


Monster Ock's Creation


Caranage's symbiote flows into a lower room, contaminating an oblivious Doctor Octopus.

After Spider-Man defeats Carnage, the symbiote suit rejects Cletus Cassidy. The suit then processed to drip into the lower floor of Doc Ock's lair. The suit ended up bonding itself onto an unconscious Doctor Octopus. When that happened, Doc Ock became the unstoppable Monster Ock.

After Monster Ock attacked Spider-Man and tried to kill him, Spidey, instead of fighting him, is forced to flee the monster as Doc Ock's underwater lab begins to blow up. Monster Ock pursues Spider-Man through the vents lining his facility.

Monster Ock's Defeat


Monster Ock, unconscious, before the symbiote rejects him

Eventually Monster Ock is defeated after he is engulfed in an explosion. Doc Ock's mechanical arms were severed from his body, the Carnage symbiote retreats into the exploding factory, but Doctor Octopus otherwise survives.




  • This Marvel villain is unique as he can't be found in any other comic, TV show, movie, or any other video game, however, the character appears in Ultimate Spider-Man's Symbiote Saga, when Morbius attaches the Carnage symbiote to Doctor Octopus. Also, a roller coaster in IMG worlds of adventure is named 'Dock Ock's revenge'.
  • Interestingly, Atrocity from Spider-Man: Edge of Time, and Superior Venom from the Mainstream Marvel Universe are also incarnations of Doctor Octopus being bonded with a Symbiote.
  • During development, Monster Ock was originally going to be called "Super Ock".