The Monster Fish is the main antagonist of the 1979 movie Up From the Depths. It is a shark-like creature with sharp teeth and insatiable appetite.


Rising from the blackness after a series of earthquakes forced it to leave its favored home, the monster-sized predator fish quickly took claim of the waters around a Hawaiian resort. With ample food sources in the form of the resort's guests, the creature seemingly refused to retreat to the darkness in which it erupted from. With hungry jaws it ate anyone it came across, and only one marine biologist was aware of its existence. Wanting to capture the beast alive, he kept it a secret from everyone, and the body count quickly began to grow every passing day.

Finally the monster attacked where dozens could see it. The resort itself was the monster's next buffet, and as a small boat chased after it, the hungry jaws gobbled up everything in its rampage! As the people screamed for their lives on the shore, the aquatic monster returned out to sea, but now a bounty was placed on its head! Almost everyone from around the area converged on the small resort to get the one-thousand dollar reward that would come with its death. Unfortunately for the humans, the Monster Fish had no plans of going without a fight.

The amateurs were no match for its primal fury, and several were killed by its dagger-like teeth. After hours passed, a small vessel, manned by the marine biologist, went into action against it in hopes of saving it from death. Unfortunately for the man, the creature refused to give him any mercy and he too was attacked. His body was dragged back onto the boat, and when he died, all thoughts on keeping this murderous fish alive were abandoned.

Without any bait at hand, they had to go with that they had to lure the beast in once more. Using the body of the recently killed scientist, they placed an explosive charge in his wetsuit and towed him behind their small boat. While going beneath the water to fix the bomb after its charge fell loose, the creature attacked and killed another before biting into the bait. The charge was then activated and the monster was destroyed forever, obliterated in a massive underwater explosion.