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The Monster Army is a hoard of kaijin eventually re-defeated by the Neo-Heisei Era Riders who were revived by the Akumaizer to conquer humanity.


When the Akumaizer invaded the Underworld, they brought along several defeated Dopants, Yummies, Zodiarts and Phantoms creating the Monster Army, to conquer all of humanity as revenge for being defeated by the Kamen Riders.

However, they all were in for a mean surprise when Gentaro, Ryusei, Nadeshiko (who had traveled back in time by five years) Haruto (from the present date), OOO, Double, Accel and Birth (Summoned through use of their Kamen Rider Rings) all showed up and battled them.

After the defeat of the Army, Xatan used the Zeber weapon to use their remaining power to turn their armored vehicle into the Zaiderbeck, which is ultimately destroyed by Fourze Meteor Nadeshiko Fusion States' Rider Ultimate Crusher and Wizard Special Rush's Special Dragon Rush Rider Kicks.








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