Mister Molay (Monsieur Molay) is a villain in Disney comics, created by Don Rosa as director of the International Monetary Board, the modern Templars.


Mr. Molay appears for the first time in history Uncle Scrooge - The crown of kings crusaders, where confiscation Scrooge 'Scrooge the crown of the king of Jerusalem, judged of belonging Templar. Despite the ducks had managed to regain the crown, it will be confiscated by the government of Haiti and exhibited in a museum.

Is the same Molay to steal the crown, in the history A letter from home, and use it for the discovery of the treasure of the Templars. The director of the Monetary Board proves evil and member of the Priory of Sion, rival organization of the Templars, but is stopped by Donald and conducted under arrest by his deputy, Maurice mattress.