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Monsieur Ming, also called "L'Ombre Jaune" ("The Yellow Shadow") is the archenemy of adventurer Bob Morane in the books by Henri Vernes. The character also appears in the "Bob Morane" comics and animated TV-series. He is the leader of the Shin-Tan, an occult terrorist organization dedicated to the destruction of modern civilization, which it has judged as too industrialized. Physically, Ming is a tall, well-built Asian man of the indeterminable age. He's always dressed in a black suit, similar to that of a clergy man's.

During his first encounter with Bob Morane, Ming lost his right hand, which he soon replaced with a robotic replica.


Monsieur Ming is, without any doubt, Bob Morane's most formidable adversary; not only does he possess vast amount of knowledge in both modern science and the occult arts, being able to hypnotise people and bending them to his will, but he's also extremely strong, at one point bending a chandelier with his bare hands. In addition to these abilities, Monsieur Ming also has a small transmitter located inside his brain. Whenever Ming is mortally wounded, the transmitter transfers his conscience to a clone body, created by a duplicator, that's hidden in a remote location, thus rendering Ming effectively immortal.


Even though they're archenemies, Ming harbors a deep respect for Bob Morane, whom he regards as his only worthy adversary. Something that didn't prevent him from shooting Morane in the heart at the end of the book La Revanche de l'Ombre Jaune ("The Revenge of the Yellow Shadow"). In addition, Ming is also very fond of his niece, Tania Orloff, providing her with money as well as taking care of her education. However, this generosity has not prevented Tania from siding with Morane to thwart her uncle's plans for World Domination.