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 Monkey's Ear is a titular villainous tool in the Horowitz Horror story The Monkey's Ear. In this story, the Becker family go to Africa, to the market, and they meet a sinister boy who sells them a monkey's ear which he says can give them four wishes. The Monkey's Ear is bought by their son Bart for twenty pounds. He doesn't think anything of it and keeps it in a drawer. The father of the boy who sold it to them comes back from haggling and then he gets furious with his son for selling it and orders him out to get it back because the monkey was sick. The family forget all about the ear, but then Brenda, the mother, finds it in Bart's room. Brian, her husband, first wishes for a Rolls Royce, and then nothing happens, except there is a knock on the door. Brian doesn't believe there'll be a Rolls Royce outside but he does get rolls of rice. Then his second wish is for a tonne of money. The next day he is given a tin of honey by a woman in the street. There is an argument the next day between Brian and Brenda and she insults him by saying if the paw worked she'd have a new house, more money a better job and a new husband. She insults him and says his baldness annoys her. So Brian wishes for his hair again, but suddenly that night there's a massive storm. Working out that the wishes went wrong, Bart says the next day if he says the next wish right, his life would change. Brian says the monkey is deaf and he should speak louder, rather than say the opposite of what he means because he'd get the reverse. The monkey's ear gets a fight between Brian and Bart because Bart wants a wish, but then Brian says "I wish you'd go to Hell!" which is apparently the only thing the monkey's ear understands properly. With a flash of green light Bart disappears. Just afterwards, Brenda and Brian move to Hull, and look for their son on a hill and in a well. But they haven't found him.

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