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The Monk is a playable character in "The Cave" and like most of the characters he is a morally flawed individual, his moral flaws are sufficient that he can be considered a protagonist villain: especially if one obtains his "Bad" destiny.


The Monk aspired to become a great Master but lacked discipline or grace, continually failing in even the most simple of tasks he would leave the monastery in disgrace and deep hatred grew in his heart as he sought a means to gain power for himself.

Unlike most Monks he did not want true enlightenment but simply wanted the position of great Master, which he ultimately achieved by undergoing several tasks and usurping the current great Master : murdering him in order to take his place.

In the "Bad" destiny it is revealed the Monk's evil actions earn him the new title of the Dark Master.


Monk can utilize telekinesis to manipulate the world using his mind alone, in fact it was through use of this very power that he successfully murdered his former Master and became the "Dark Master".


  • Monk's "Bad" Destiny is similar to the Scientist in how it depicts him as winning, despite his evil ways.