Monitor Solomon is a malevolent member of the Monitors, he was also the one behind the corruption of his own people and ultimately turned them into a murderous society of multiversal tyrants - despite originally claiming he was doing this to protect reality he later revealed he was using his entire species as pawns to try and become a Supreme Being. His ruthless nature was a major part of the ultimate destruction of the Monitor race.


Solomon was the Monitor native to the universe known as Earth-8.

Solomon was the first of the Monitors who emerged in the creation of the 52 Multiverse who developed individuality from the almost hive like mindset of the other Monitors and self-adopted the name of Solomon as an indication of his great wisdom to the other Monitors.

Powers and Abilities

Monitor Solomon was a virtually omnipotent being capable of manipulating events across multiple realities, he grew continually in power and became strong enough to kill his own kind - as he did with Monitor Bob : his ultimate goal was to become the Source itself but he did not achieve this goal (which would of made him for all intents God).


  • Monitor Solomon is believed to have been the first Monitor to develop an individual personality and goals, his malevolent nature may of been in part due to the warlike reality he watched over (which was home to Doctor Diehard and the Extremists).