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Monica Kruszewski , also known as the is a member of the Knights of the Round (also known as the Knight of Twelve) as well as leader of the Emperor's Royal Guard.


Monica was stationed aboard Emperor Charles zi Britannia's flagship, Great Britannia, and is implied that she leads the Emperor's Royal Guard. During the attack on Kamine Island, the Emperor leaves her to deal with Prince Schneizel and The Black Knights. During the Knights of the Round uprising, she is killed by Suzaku Kururugi during her attempt to remove Lelouch from the Imperial Throne.



  • She was voiced Yuko Goto in the Japanese version and Dorothy Elias-Fahn in the English version.
  • Though her unit is never explicitly shown, the interior of it's cockpit suggests that it could be a Vincent Commander Model Type like those used by the Royal Guard, or simply a standard unit with a modified cockpit.

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