Monev the Gale is a minor antagonist in Trigun and the first gung-ho-gun that vash the stampede faces, he is a crazed and destructive cyborg with a huge arsenal of guns and weaponry.
Monev the Gale


He first appears in the episode Diablo where he challenges vash to a gun fight and destroys a majority of the city along with a huge amount of civilians. He managed to overpower vash at first, but then Vash eventually manages to get the upper hand, this enrages him to a massive degree and he blows up the city which ended the lives of numerous civilians, this sent vash to a massive rage and he nearly breaks his moral code to never kill, monev's life was spared and he surrendered his coin and left. However, he was later seen in the series dead and crucified by E.G. Mine for his failure.