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Monday's Noon is the secondary villains in the book Mister Monday . Noon was loyal to Monday, attacking Arthur whenever he had the chance. His striking feature is a silver tongue, which enables him to be extremely persuasive. He is said to appear around 30 years old, and wields a sword of Architectural Fire, one of the few things that can kill a Denizen. He has white, bloodstained wings. He was reappointed Dusk after the events of Mister Monday. He is in charge of the Commissionaires (automatons created by Grim Tuesday ) and Commissionaire Sergeants (Denizens).

New Noon

The former Monday's Dusk is appointed as Monday's Noon under Lord Arthur. He is the same person, having been altered to look like Monday's Noon, as by wearing silver and white. His personality, like that of his 'brother' Dusk, is unchanged. It may be possible that the Midnight Visitors became Commissionaire Sergeants, as Noon (as former Dusk) mentioned that his Midnight Visitors wanted a change of uniform.

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