What the hell do you want?!
~ Mona's usual greeting.

Mona was a one-shot minor villainess from HBO's Tales From the Crypt. She appeared in Season Six's "Comes the Dawn".

She was portrayed by the late Susan Tyrrell.

Mona was a bartender at a tavern in Alaska, where Colonel Parker and Sergeant Burrows are planning to do some illegal hunting. After they enter the tavern and learn their motive, Mona sends them to her ex-girlfriend, Jeri Drumbeater, for assistance—before she is shot by Parker while attempting to inform the authorities. It is later revealed that Jeri is in league with a group of savage vampires and plans to kill both Parker and Burrows in a revenge mission. After Parker kills Burrows to save himself, he encounters Mona, who is also revealed as a vampiress. In the episode's near end, the evil Mona flashed her fangs at Parker and continuously attacks him, only to be killed by Parker with a harpoon through her heart.


You get the hell out of here!
~ Mona ordering Colonel Parker and Sergeant Burrows out of her bar.
You must be talkin' about my EX...Jeri DrumBeater
~ Mona identifying the illegal game hunter whom Parker and Burrows are seeking
Used to be big game war around here...Till' the Sheriff caught Jeri fishin' with dynomite
~ Mona telling Parker and Burrows' of Jeri's illegal hunting up until her imprisonment
Yes....except for one little problem
~ Mona agreeing to Parker and Burrows's question of illegal hunting with an exception.
I turned Jeri in myself!
~ Mona telling Parker and Burrows what's become of her ex girlfriend Jeri since she was an illegal game hunter.
I don't take kindly to poachers!
~ Mona voicing her disliking of poaching to Parker and Burrows
Yeah, get me the Sheriff -- What the hell do you want?!
~ Mona's last words before being shot at and killed by Burrows the first time.
~ Mona's last words to Parker as she attempts to kill him in her true vampire form.