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is one of the antagonists of Mezzo Forte.


Momokitchi Momoi's daughter. A beautiful, large-breasted maiden, Momomi is also very violent, often killing others on a whim. On all versions, she appears nude in the shower scene, which show her breasts and labia. To cross this woman would be considered suicide.

The instances of Momomi's talent for murder and violence are many. One rumor has it that she celebrated her tenth birthday by killing someone. Another rumor says her favorite color is red... blood red. Her room decor could be described as "psychotic panda", which is a wide-eyed cartoon giant panda. In the anime, she killed the manager and the pitching coach of the Peach Twisters for threatening to leak scandalous stories about Momomi (presumably about her lesbian relationship with Sakura Sakarada, her lover in Mezzo DSA). And after Momokichi was kidnapped by the DSA, Momomi responded by taking an automatic pistol and killing her father's bodyguards for failing to do their jobs.

Momomi, by account of her lesbian lover Sakura Sakurada, is also Mikura's half-sister, and possesses the same precognitive ability as Mikura. She had two visions that had involved Mikura, leading to an uncertain future.