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Momoka Sonokawa is the villainess protagonist in anime series Sabagebu!, she is transfer student who is coerced into joining the Survival Game Club (Sabage) by Miou. Gentle and kind on the surface, Momoka's true demeanor appears when she feels herself wronged or threatened, showing a vicious and vengeful side, cruel and especially demonic.

She is voiced by Ayaka Ohashi.


Momoka is a teenage girl who appears to be between 14–16 years of age, she has pink hair tied in a bun and blood red eyes, she has pale skin and always with a smile on her face in public and social places, when she is in her house, she shows one of her main true personality, which is the arrogance and laziness. 

When she is at school or survival of the club she always wears the uniform of a typical summer school; a green skirt and large pieces of dark green stripes with roses, a sneaker with white socks typical of a Japanese school and mostly a white shirt buttons a pink tie in her neck.


Due to the work of her father, Momoka has been used for transferring short schools long intervals of time, so she has also been used to performing in front of the class, make new friends and act as a good student. Every time she was bullied, she keeps trying to keep her "nice" picture of a good person, despite all thinking her a bad girl.

During the early days, when she went Sabage Club, she proved to be a cruel, cold and ignorant and hate the fact she joined the club, and wanted to run away. However, she slowly start enjoying the survival games.

Although she appears to the "victim" at sometimes, she shows that it is actually the "real" villain within the anime. Gradually in the series, she was showing her personality that was a fake person, ignorant, cold, lying, arrogant, cruel and vile mainly up to a certain point that she said she loved being cruel.

Cruel Acts

  • Episode 1 - After Miou fangirls have made several antics with Momoka, she finally left the personalide her fall when she wanted revenge. The fangirls Miou trigger some standard bullying tactics student about it - they put tacks in her place, push her table out of the way, during lunch, and throw her bag out of a window and into the yard. In response, Momoka puts tacks mountains in their shoes, crushes their desks in pieces, throw their bags in a school incinerator, and then cuts off the uniform skirts for good measure. And that's after they apologized.


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