I'll use this power to do what you hate most, Mirei-chan. I'm going to kill lots and lots of people. Hahahahahaha!
~ Momoka Sagara, after she absorbs everyone into her Arm

Momoka Sagara is the main antagonist of the anime series Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid. She is a mysterious girl who was transferred to the "Mermaid" island later on, other than Mamori and Mirei. She awakened as an Extar already during the bird's arrival and her abilities are quite high. She is cruel to the pure ones due to her wild personality, who is not scared of anything. She often bears a discord with others by their behaviour and disturbs her surroundings.

Momoka's two henchgirls are D5 & E9.


Momoka has light-blueish hair that is tied in a bow with two long pieces of hair flowing out reaching almost to the ground. She has a cat hair clip similar to Mamori's clipped at her bangs. She has turquoise eyes.

She wears a black bluish jacket with a yellow bow wrapped around her collar. To accompany it she wears a short skirt black-blue boots, a black glove on her right hand and a stocking on her left leg.


Momoka first started out appearing as a bubbly, air-headed teenage girl and takes notion in locating the source of the Valkyrie Effect. However, this was merely a facade to hide her true nature: that of a vengeful, power-crazed homicidal maniac who is willing to get everything she wants, as she planned to absorb A Virus carriers to enhance her Arm's power to become unstoppable.