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General Molotov is a monstrous orange husband and father. He works for Lucius VII and has a young son, a baby daughter, and a wife that intimidates him. He speaks with a Russian accent. He voiced by Dwayne Hill and one of the recurring characters of Jimmy Two Shoes.


  • A Hair-Brained Idea
  • Chez Beezy
  • Ghost Smackers
  • Baby Boom
  • Monster Mutt
  • Product Tester
  • Rocket Jimmy
  • Air Force None
  • Zombie Pickle
  • Jimmy New-Shoes (cameo)
  • Everyone Can Whistle (cameo)
  • Heinous vs Clowns (cameo)
  • Bird Brained
  • Miseryville Marathon (cameo)
  • The Outsiders
  • The Collectors (cameo)
  • Make No Allowances (cameo)
  • Snowrilla
  • Heloise's Big Secret
  • Too Many Jimmies


  • In "A Hair-Brained Idea" he explodes when Jimmy forces him to eat too many cookies (yet seems to be fine in later episodes).