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Moloch was the Cannanite god of fertility, later turned Abrahamic false-god mentioned in varied theological writings, the most famous of which would be the Bible - much like Baal and Mammon - wherein the figure of Moloch was venerated by a heretical sect of Israelites.

What qualifies Moloch as a villain, in our modern use of the term, was the hefty price the entity demanded from its followers - namely a fiery sacrifice of human life, often children, which would be burnt alive in the long feared ritual of human sacrifice. The result of these sacrifices burned deep in the ancient Israelites, to the point that the pre-Christian concept of Hell was named after the location of Moloch's sacrifices - an noxious trash-dump with the name "Gehenna".

Moloch has also become a popular demon in fiction and many works dealing with the supernatural feature this creature or mention it.

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