Moloch the corruptor angry

Moloch in his magi-tech costume.

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 Moloch was a villain that appeared in the TV series Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

A demon active in medieval times Moloch would offer his followers great power in exchange for their love then brutally murder them, his reign of terror was put to an end when a group of monks finally confronted him and imprisoned him within a mystic tome.

However in the modern era Moloch was released by an unwary Willow, who scanned the pages of the tome into her computer - unwittingly releasing Moloch into cyberspace where he began to manipulate people via chatrooms, even staging a fake suicide for a boy who started to disobey him.

Moloch worked towards gaining a corporeal form and ultimately did so, briefly gaining the body of a robotic-demon and fighting Buffy as well as an enraged Willow (who Moloch had been manipulating in the guise of an online "boyfriend").

In the end Moloch's physical body was destroyed but the demon itself is likely immortal as it still resides within the depths of the internet - waiting for its next victim..