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Mr. Weston is one of the most brilliant investors the world has ever known. He's...obviously a maverick, but he's also rigorous in his research.
~ Molly Schultz, expressing her devout fondness for her employer.
He wants to kill me! He wants to kill me!
~ Molly Schultz going insane

Molly Schultz (circa 1980-2013) is Devin Weston's lawyer and right-hand woman. She appears as a supporting character and the tertiary antagonist in Grand Theft Auto V.

Role in Grand Theft Auto V

Working for Devin Weston

As Weston's lawyer and trusted lieutenant, Schultz often handles the contacts between Weston and the three protagonists. She is later ordered by Weston to take and store a copy of a film (Meltdown) produced by Michael De Santa and Solomon Richards to her flight; where it could eventually be destroyed somewhere offshore. Despite Solomon's pleas to finish the film first, Molly takes the film anyway and leaves.

Unwilling to surrender his first movie after all the work he put through to make it, an enraged Michael chases her down to Los Santos International Airport to Devin Weston's personal hangar; where he finds her being chased by several cop cars when she drives over the runway at top speed (which in real life is extremely dangerous). In her paranoia, she also drives under incoming planes landing and taking off on the runway; with several police cars getting knocked out of the way due to Molly's dangerous driving.


Molly Schultz GTAVe Demise

Molly torn into shreds by the jet engine

Schultz then arrives at Devin Weston's personal hangar and tells the cops that Michael is trying to kill her (when he really isn't). Michael then chases after her, and she attempts to escape by running to a jet in Weston's hangar. However, despite the warnings of Michael and an airport worker, she is accidentally sucked into the jet's operating turbine and chopped into gory, bloody shreds. Michael then picks the film up and escapes from the cops.

Enraged with Molly's death, and convinced Michael murdered her, Devin has Merryweather Security kill Michael's family.


  • Schultz is one of the two female antagonists in the entire Grand Theft Auto series the other being Catalina.
  • Schultz is one of the few characters to die in an accident (in her case she was sucked into a jet engine) rather than being killed by someone or something.
  • It is implied throughout the game that Molly is in love with Devin Weston. In Weston's Lifeinvader page, Schultz invites Weston to spend the night in her house. Franklin also says that Weston will not fall in love with her, no matter how hard she tries. Trevor is enamored with Schultz, but she in no way returns his affections.
  • Schultz is one of the only two antagonists to die in an accident the other is Frank Tenpenny. The major differences are Tenpenny being the main antagonist in San Andreas whereas Schultz serves as a secondary antagonist.
  • Her age is unknown but she is likely younger than Devin Weston, the three protagonists, Lester Crest, Steve Haines, and Dave Norton but older than Andreas Sanchez.

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