Sergeant Molly McButter-1-
Molly McButter is an antagonist in the Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie. She is played by Helena Barrett. She is a federal agent who is in charge of Homeland Security and is a sidekick of General Dark Onward. McButter seems to have a ruthless fascination to kill Mandi. At several points in the movie McButter tries to assassinate Mandi, the Nerd and Cooper, and it always ends with Mandi fighting back. At one point Mandi says "Don't get your panties in a wad!" to which McButter says "I'm not wearing any panties." (Implied to be a lesbian talk.) McButter's attempts to capture Mandi go astray such as Onward's arm is blown off by a hand grenade.

McButter finally captures Mandi near Area 51, and for some reason Cooper and the Nerd think Mandi is a traitor so don't bother capturing her back. Onward destroys Mount Fuji and releases Death Mwauthzyx.

However, McButter still wants Mandi and the Nerd and she chases Mandi through Las Vegas, but Mandi fights her on top the Las Vegas Eiffel Tower. Finally commenting on how this has turned into a sexy chick fight, Mandi knocks McButter off the Tower where she falls to her death.