Molly was recruited by MIT at the age of 15 and was a brilliant engineering student until she had a psychotic break leading her to kill another student. Molly was admitted into the Summerholt Neurological Institute. Chloe Sullivan interviewed her for an article and became interested in the mental health facility when she learned Ryan Jame was held there against his life. Molly decided to kill Chloe Sullivan for Lawrence Garner since he felt she changed his life.

Molly developed a mind control computer program and stole the hard drive from Chloe's computer after it was shipped to Luthor Corp under orders from Lionel Luthor. Molly was able to obtain the email addresses of everyone Chloe knew so she could deliver his program by email to them so they can murder Chloe. Molly had to trust other people to kill Chloe since the human survival instinct was so strong that she couldn't make Chloe commit suicide.

Molly sent her messages to: Clark Kent (who tried to kill Chloe with his truck), Lana (who tried to kill Chloe with martial arts and an axe), secretary who killed Chloe's boss who was a man named Max Taylor, and to the Clark's adopted parents who lured Chloe to the farm to kill her.

Clark Kent was able to stop Molly and save Chloe's life with help from both Lex Luthor and Chad Nash. Lex sent Molly to Level 33.1 where Molly met a group of super powered beings that were being experimented on. Molly and her boyfriend Nick Yang escaped and enlisted the Angel of Vengeance's help to expose Lex for what he was doing. Molly was able to create a mind control program to make people kill themselves and tried to email it to Lex, however she decided not to since Nick and Molly think that Lex should suffer for his crimes rather than be killed.

Molly was sent to Bell Reve on the night the mission failed and Molly was abandoned since she refused to stop trying to kill Lex.