Mollipes Octipes
Mollipes Octipes (モリペス・オクティペス Moripesu Okutisu?, 9-10): An Octopus Lord (オクトパスロード Okutopasu Rōdo?), he emerges from a watery portal with his method of killing being to artificially drown people. After killing his first victim, Octipes is intercepted by Toru Hojo in the G3 suit, who almost killed the victim's son. He was reduced to sludge by the GG-02 Salamander. However, the remnants of Octipes found a small body of water to enter and reform into a new Octipes with immunities to G3's arsenal. When Hojo arrives to intercept him, Octipes easily overpowers him and Hojo discards the G3 suit and runs for his life. By then, Agito takes over the fight, killing Octipes for good with his Rider Kick.