Moles is a Crow that has taken the form of a walrus, and is a boss from the game Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg.

He is the boss of Blizzard Castle, where he and his minions were sent by Dark Raven to take control of the castle and also capture the elder and seal him in a golden egg. Moles also had snow generators built to make blizzards occur.

When Billy came through Blizzard Castle to liberate it from the crows, Billy managed to free the elder, shut off Moles' blizzard generators, and make his way to the shadow portal which led to Moles' lair.

Moles fought by freezing himself in a ball of ice and rolling around the arena, which also sent smaller ice balls cascading off of him. Despite Moles' best efforts, he was defeated by Billy Hatcher.

A shadow clone of Moles is seen later in the game, during the Dark Corvo boss battle, where Dark Corvo can summon him as a shadow clone to attack Billy. Moles' shadow clone attacks by charging at Billy.

Moles is the fourth boss, the previous boss is Topo, and Saltim is the next boss.