The Mole Cerberus is a major antagonist in the video game; God of War II.

The Mole Cerberus is a giant three headed mole, with disgusting black skin and blood red eyes.


In order of the enter the Temple of the Gorgans, Kratos had to find a weapon that could deflect any and all attacks. When Kratos encountered an injured soldier, he told Kratos that the monster known as the Mole Cerberus grabbed and killed an Argonaut named Jason. He also told Kratos that Jason wielded the Golden Fleece, which could deflect any and all attacks. So Kratos came in contact with the beast and confronted it.

Boss Battle

The Mole Cerberus fights by ramming itself into Kratos and using it's claws and teeth. When it gets to distant from Kratos, the Mole Cerberus shoots fire out of it's mouth. After The Mole Cerberus consumes what's left of Jason, the Mole Cerberus becomes stronger and faster. After Kratos weakens the Mole Cerberus, he process by stabbing the necks of two of the three heads. He then opens the middle head's jaw and snaps it in two, killing it. After he killed it, he grabs the Golden Fleece out of it throat, granting Kratos the power to deflect attacks.

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