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— Mole • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Mole (not to be confused with Heavy Mole) is a Demon Beast appearing in the episode Buccaneer Birdy, delivered by NME to King Dedede in case he and Escargoon got in a jam while everybody was racing for Captain Kick's treasure, which everyone believed was also Tokkori's treasure, who they believed to be a descendant of Lord James Colleet, a parrot that belonged to Captain Kick.

The subterranean monster made his way to Captain Kick's cave and caused quite a heap of trouble for Kirby. The tides of the battle changed when Tiff tossed Kirby a mirror, which allowed him to become Mirror Kirby. Mole was left confused and overpowered by Mirror Kirby's illusory tactics, and was finished off by his devastating Mirror Cut attack.

Mole mainly attacks with his paws and drill, can dig underground and jump out to surprise enemies.

Physical Appearance

Just like his name suggests, Mole is a very large mole, albeit seemingly cybernetic. He has dark gray fur with a light gray underbelly, and has light purple mechanical paws and feet with sharp brass claws. He has a large tail and a tuft of spiky fur on his head. Obscuring his face is a purple visor. His most distinguishing feature however is the massive drill on his face.


  • Mole is one of the only monsters to have a one-syllable name. The others are Dirk, Kirk, Smirk, and Crab.

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