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I'm gonna get you Gitaroo Man!
~ Mojo King Bee

Mojo King Bee is a antagonist in the 2002 PlayStation 2 rhythm game Gitaroo Man and it's PlayStation Portable port Gitaroo Man Lives!. He is a member of the Gravillian Empire who wields a trumpet gitaroo. He is voiced by Kaleb James in both the Japanese and English versions.


Mojo King Bee is an African-American man who wears a bumble bee helmet, bottom and wings. He also wears sunglasses, and a disco outfit.


It is claimed that he rules the darkness with his trumpet gitaroo and that no has ever seen him without his shades. After losing Panpeus' and Flying-O's gitaroos, Zowie sends out Mojo King Bee to the forest to acquire U-1's gitaroo. His song is called "Bee Jam Blues" which is a jazz and blues song. He is defeated by U-1 and falls into a pond in the forest.

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