Yesss... All for Moge-ko, yes?
Moge-ko is a "failed" perfect high school girl experiment provenient of the Mogeko race and yet one of it's most fearsome leaders that even comes to be feared by King mogeko himself. Moge-ko is the secondary antagonist of Mogeko Castle and the main antagonist of the upcoming spinoff game, Mogeko Castle Gaiden.



It is shown that Moge-ko has very similar characteristics to the Mogeko race; which includes yellow hair and what appears to be Mogeko ears on the top of her head. However, this is not confirmed at any point of the game, and her hairstyle covers both sides of her head. It's not confirmed if she has human ears or not. She has a Mogeko tail that comes out of her skirt; this appears to be natural born and not just a clothing accessory, however, this is not confirmed for the game. She wears a black vest over a red collared undershirt. She wears a black tie, dark red skirt and black shoes.


Moge-ko personality proves to be joyful in a very sadistic way, showing and confirming that she enjoys torturing the unfortunate teenage girls who manage make it to the fourth floor of the Mogeko castle. She is shown to enjoy tormenting the other Mogekos, making all Mogekos on the fourth floor extremely downtrodden and miserable. She seems to find creative ways to torture her unfortunate victims. She doesn't seem to get satisfied by just doing physical damage to her victims, but also torture them mentally to which replies "the more they suffer the better the job is done." Despite all of her sadistic hobbies, she seems to have similar likes to regular girls. This includes her pink filled bedroom, which appears to be the nicest room in the castle. She's also possesses a collection of creepy stories on her bookshelves, and has very clean habits that are shown in her bedroom and overall appearance. Defect Mogeko states that she takes pleasure in her victims' pain and, once she's done with them, eats them in the end. Judging from her first interaction with Yonaka, it's possible that she might have a split personality.

She claims that she loves boys and girls who do what she says and love her in return. However, this statement may have been an attempt to get Yonaka's guard down.


Moge-ko wields a boning knife that has a curled tip. She can project psychic barriers that withstand small missiles; this is shown on the fifth floor when Defect Mogeko attempts to destroy the man-eating monster with a rocket launcher.

Mogeko Castle

It's never stated how long Moge-ko has been in the Mogeko world, but it's implied that she had been there for quite some time. She has established fear on Floor Four, which has made a powerful impact on the Mogeko race and she has thus became the tyrant ruler of Floor Four. She constantly stalks Yonaka Kurai and her friend, Defect Mogeko.


"Mogeko Castle Gaiden: General Hashasky's Great Adventure" is an upcoming game made by Mogeko. This game stars General Hashasky, a character you meet in 'Mogeko Castle'. In this upcoming game, Moge-ko seems to be the main antagonist.


Theme Music

Mogeko Castle OST Karugamo March - 041 Sinken

Mogeko Castle OST Karugamo March - 041 Sinken