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Where do you think your going? You're mine! Now get to work! You, what are you looking at? Back to work!
~ Moe
Moe is a minor antagonist in An American Tail. He is a thuggish rat who serves as Warren T. Rat's lackey and the owner of the sweatshop. He wears a white sleeveless shirt, red shorts, and a yellow hat.

Warren tricks Fevel that his family are in the sweatshop. Moe grabs Fevel and laughs evilly, and Fevel askes what about his family, but Warren said that he doesn't need a family that he has a job at the sweatshop. Fevel tries to get out, but Moe does not allow Fevel and the worker children to escape from his sweatshop.


  • Moe is shown to be taller than Warren, even though he is a cat.
  • In the novelization, he is seen a little more. The worker children tie him up before escaping the sweatshop.

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