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"Hello, Little Skinny Man. I am Modak. And yes, I am the bad guy."
-Modak, to Justin

Modak is the main villain of Justin T. Nick of Time Adventures! by YouTube user mreeping. The earth's been caught in a time warp. Knights from the past protect their traits while aliens from the future wreak havoc. Modak is an owner of a private company that build a pyramid in the middle of downtown. He was obsessed with gaining leadership, even though his plans are considered odd.

He ordered his men to bring him Justin Thomas Nickolis, a third grade substitute history teacher before the time warp, who he likes to call "The Little Skinny Man". He, along with his living mirror, Murphy, was brought before Modak. He wanted Justin to make a list of leaders from both past and present for his "Army of Evil". But his real plan was to throw a parade and use his pyramid as a weapon of mass destruction to kill everyone. Justin and Murphy escaped and he had to accelerate his plan. Modak then learn they teamed up with the matial arts waitress, Sidney, and the fish bar tender, Barry.

At the parade, an order of knights known as "The Knights of the Card Table" arrived in a Trojan horse and attacked the pyramid, while Justin and his team snuck in. Modak was force to launch the pyramid. But the heroes removed the main control, which happens to be a hamster on a wheel, causing the pyramid to lean. Modak ordered the emergency thrusters, which causes the pyramid to fly sideways. He then saw Justin in the elevator camera. The thrusters made the elevator travel sideways at top speed. He got on one of the elevator to kill Justin. Justin overpowers him, but he then hits the energency stop button, and both of them flew out of the elevator and smash through the helm's windshield. Modak flew into circuit breakers where he was electrocuted and laughing maniacally. When it was over, he passed out and the whole pyramid just stopped. Modak and the four heroes were then arrested for "concealing a deadly weapon, mass destruction of city and federal property, and driving an unregistered vehicle."





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