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The Mocking Birds were a duo of mocking birds mutated to be intelligent, super-powered, and stronger anthropomorphized versions of their original, regular selves. They are the main antagonists of the Teen Titans Go! episode "Birds".


When the Titans' chimney gets mysteriously clogged up, Robin goes to investigate. What he finds is the cause of the problem, two mocking birds. When he attempts to remove them, he is brutally beaten and is forced to resort to throwing a chemical bomb into their nest. It is successful, as they flee from their gas flooded chimney, but the chemicals mutate them into anthropomorphized versions of themselves. They can speak, in thick Cockney accents, are extremely strong, and have superpowers.

They show off their powers to the Titans, and they are impressed, growing a liking towards the two avian creatures. However, the formerly "cool" birds quickly turn into brutish jerks, bullying the Titans and littering the tower with their feces and molted feathers. The Titans rebel against the arrogant avians, but physical attacks are unsuccessful against their great power. As such, Robin uses the chemical he used before to drive them out, but instead of making them go away, they evolve even more into omnipotent deities. Their new never ending knowledge shows them that conflict is useless, promising to only live in peace. Despite them surrendering, Robin still arrogantly attacks them anyway, finally driving them out.


  • The orange bird is voiced by Scott Menville, who is the voice of Robin, and the blue one is voiced by Tom Kenny, who is known for voicing Spongebob and Starscream.