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The Mocking Bird is a villain and boss in Rayman Origins, and one of the four "Kings" that the heroes must defeat. He looks like a gigantic bird and appears in Grumbling Grottos in the level To Bubblize a Mocking Bird. Although he can fly by moving his wings, he also uses his tail as a propeller.


At the begging, Rayman must pull on the Mocking Bird's tail to wake him up. The Mocking Bird then yells a flies away. Later, he flies back, with a Bubo (a small bubble of nightmarish material) on its back end. When Rayman hits the Bubo, the Mocking Bird hits the platform Rayman was on, causing it to fall. Rayman then must use his helicopter and avoid the Mocking Bird and several smaller birds behind him. The Mocking Bird hits its head against the overhang above and a Bubo grows on his head. When Rayman hits it, he must fly down and avoid spiky birds while the Mocking Bird is sucking in air and spinning in a circle. When he stops, Rayman pull on his tail again, causing a Bubo grows on the Mocking Bird's tongue. Rayman hits it and the Mocking Bird is defeated, returning to his true form: a small bird.



  • He is the biggest bird enemy in the game.

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